Jorge Folgado

Jorge Folgado

Automotive Documentation


Our company has been active since 1991, in the area of technical consulting and solutions in the automotive customs area.

Premio do millenium

Being distinguished by our stability and our ability to provide a quality service at a good price. Thanks to the efforts of our team, we have been in recent years one of the most awarded companies in our sector.

About us

The Jorge Folgado, can assist you in the whole process, from the choice of the car, obtaining COC the transport of the same, with a highly dynamic team and with our team of technicians we can choose the best method to legalize your vehicle (normal or alternative).

Dono a trabalhar

We are at your service to help you get your new car by paying the minimum legalization value!!!

We are available in Lisbon, Portugal and in Badajoz, Spain.

Core services

Dono a trabalhar

We are known to deal with the legalization of light or heavy imported vehicles, goods or passengers (Campervans) and the transport of vehicles

Other services


Changes and transformations of vehicles (bureaucratic part of the service)


Color changes and other characteristics


Film, and pneumatic endorsement


Change and replacement of registration


Survey of seized documents


Assignment of registrations


Vehicle ownership records


Licensing of Companies and vehicles for transport ADR